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Monthly archives: June, 2024

Sassy Kae Only Scissorholds 4K UHD

Having the audacity to challenge Sassy Kae to another match is a big mistake, as this time she vows to kick Brian’s ass using only scissorholds. Quickly subduing her opponent with a side headlock, Sassy establishes dominance over Brian to begin his headscissor agony. First applying side headscissors, Sassy is far more than a pretty…


Kendra Allure Black and Blue Beatdown 4K UHD

Making her highly anticipated MMA Domination debut, ebony Amazon Kendra Allure hits hard in this classic beatdown. The competitors touch gloves, and Kendra comes out swinging reigning hooks to the body and jaw of her victim. Kendra is an imposing presence, standing 6 feet 1 inch and weighing 200 lbs. Her raw physical power is…


Extreme Electra vs Brian “I’m a Little Bitch” 4K UHD

Are you ready to wrestle with Extreme Electra? Brian finds out quickly that he isn’t, as she clamps on a headscissors, followed by a rear naked choke. Outclassed and overmatched from the start, The Queen of Extreme declares she will ignore all of Brian’s taps and only release the holds if he says, “I’m a…


Julie Ling Ground and Pound 4K UHD

Asian sensation Julie Ling makes her MMA Domination debut in this vicious beatdown. Starting off at a ferocious pace with right hooks to her opponent’s jaw, Julie is on the warpath for destruction. A powerful punch sends Brian down to his knee in under 30 seconds. Quickly dropping him to the ground again with a…


Maria Marley Knocked Out by a Girl POV Beatdown 4K UHD

Hurricane Maria Marley returns to MMA Domination in this action-packed boxing POV beatdown. Emasculating you as she puts on her boxing gloves, Maria states, “You think you can’t get knocked out by a girl?” Touching gloves Maria quickly pounds your face with a one two combination. Utilizing a proficient jump kick, Maria quickly has you…


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