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Extreme Electra Burnt Orange Beatdown 4K UHD

The unparalleled Electra, better known as The Queen of Extreme, has made her return to MMA Domination in this vicious bare fisted beatdown. Clad in a burnt orange bikini, Electra asks her victim “Are you ready?” as she hungrily anticipates the onslaught that is about to be unleashed. Quickly dropping her slave to the canvas…


Amber Black Bare Knuckle Beatdown 1080 HD

Wearing no protective gloves and standing at 6 feet, Amazon Amber Black towers over her adversary in this MMA Domination Classic. Amber immediately has her slave staggering as she punches him with her bare knuckles with a one-two combination to the arm, followed by a vicious face slap. Amber then slams her slave against the…


Sarah Brooke Bare Knuckle Beatdown Fatality 4K UHD

Clad in her Daisy Dukes and white tank top, with her hands barely taped up, the infamously brutal redhead, Sarah Brooke, returns to MMA Domination to deliver a heinous beating. Sardonically asking, “are you ready for this?” Sarah quickly begins slapping the face of her adversary. Taking her much larger victim to the mat, the…


Unmerciful 3 REAL Knockouts 1080 HD

Domina Reina Simone recreates the infamous fight scene of Nadine Ross and Nathan Drake from the video game Uncharted 4. Luring her prey into her lair, Reina begins the interrogation for the elusive artifact. Stripping into her red lingerie, Reina teases, “You know you can’t resist me”. Enraged at her slave’s stubborn refusal to give…


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