Two amazing scissor hold videos for one low price!
BodyBuilder Scissors HD

This IFBB Pro Figure competior begins with a series of flexing showcasing her flawless ripped body. Wearing a sports bra and very revealing boy shorts, she then decides to really have some fun by giving her legs a workout and squeezing a man's head between judging by the speed with which hi face turns purple, it's clear the amount of excruciating pain he is in. Imagine being trapped between these massive thighs; she wrenches back on her foot to further increase the pressure of her figure four headscissor. Sheila has a sadistic smile on her face the whole time, as it gives her great pleasure using her sexy muscles to torture a male. You can hear his teeth clattering due to her incredible power. She then hangs his head off the bed, locking him in a reverse that has him crying and tapping in seconds...which only causes Sheila to squeeze harder. Very quickly, Sheila decides to put him to bed for good, and does an extended and very hot victory pose, showing off her glorious body.

BodyBuilder Scissors 2 HD

IFBB Pro Figure Competitor Sheila is back to crush a mans' skull in this classic sequel. Staying true to the original, Sheila begins by doing a series of very hot poses; showcasing her flawless ripped body, Sheila starts of playful and seductive, but playtime is over and it is time to use her massive thighs to scissor him beyond belief. Forcing him to franticly tap in under a minute, you have no idea the power possessed by Sheilas legs unless you are brave enough to experience it in person. Her shredded quads are eye popping, as she buries him deep between her legs in an excruciating reverse headscissor. She has so much strength that he begins to cough uncontrollably from the pressure of her thighs. Sheila is just getting warmed up as she hangs his head off the bed and clamps on a lethal front headscissor; ignoring his whimpers. Sheila is on a path of destruction. Leaving his head off the bed, she turns around and applies a standing reverse headscissor. Standing on the bed and leaning her hands against the headboard, Sheila applies one of the most unique and painful scissorholds we have ever filmed. Applying a figure four, he is slowly beginning to drift off to sleep, but Sheila isnt done with him yet. Locking on another front headscissor, Sheila is just toying with her victim. Could you imagine being caught between the powerful thighs of this sadistic female bodybuilder? Now comes the big finish, Sheila once again hangs his head off the bed, slaps on the dreaded reverse headscissor and ignores his taps until its bedtime. Sheila revels in her victory with an erotic victory pose over his limp lifeless body, as only this incredible fe male bodybuilder with the flawless physique can.