Real boxer and dominatrix Mag Pie has a new human punching bag! Right from the start, Mag Pie is hitting hard with stinging combinations to the body and face, showcasing her boxing skills. One of the few dommes out there with real boxing experience, backed by the power of a thickly muscled female bodybuilder. A unique and dangerous combination, in such a pretty package! Her hits are hard and fast, snapping the guy's head repeatedly and crumpling his body, which quickly turns red from the hardcore pounding. The sounds of Mag Pie's brutal punches upon impact are SICK, echoing through the room continuously from the beating. Mag Pie's punches are expertly placed, hitting the marks that hurt the most. She folds him over from liver and stomach punches, despite being half his size. Her uppercuts to the jaw are perfectly placed, and her male "opponent" is barely able to withstand them. Mag Pie shows no mercy as she beats this scrub down all the way through, only stopping to mock him. Mag Pie's stamina is also impressive, as she is continually throwing such powerful shots over such a long time. After pummeling his body like a jackhammer, one more sickening shot to the jaw snaps his head, and his entire body as he collapses to the ground, knocking him out. Mag Pie rubs her foot over her defeated victim's face, then flexes her impressive biceps in a victory pose. Who's next?