Remember real, hard face punching? Nikki Next in her first ever REAL beatdown shows you what it's like as she beats the face of her slave in, with a few hard shots to his body for good measure. Nikki might be small, but the power she is packing is clearly ringing his bell, with face distorting punches and the far-away, defeated look in his eyes. Nikki enjoys the suffering of her slave, what a bully! Nikki is hitting him so hard, so often she almost appears to hurt her hands, despite wearing boxing gloves. Nikki's slave grunts and whimpers in pain from her constant punching assault, and she clearly has him really hurting. These aren't weak love taps, these are real, full force punches to the face and body. Mostly face! Hard shots echo through the room, over and over. An almost sickening sound of leather smashing in to flesh. It's music to the dominant Nikki's ears, and there is clear enjoyment in her face as she knocks her slave out. He collapses on the floor, and Nikki Next stands atop her destroyed punching bag, putting her bare feet on his face and flexing for the camera. Do NOT fuck with Nikki Next!